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Born in 1704, Mary Hirstbecame Lady Mary Pepperell upon her 1723 marriage to Sir William Pepperell, a colonial American merchant, politician, and soldier. Some 120 years later, the Pepperell Manufacturing Co.—named for Sir Pepperell —was founded in Maine.

While the first bed sheet stamped with the Pepperell name was sold in 1851, it was in the 1920s that Pepperell Manufacturing Co. changed what were fairly coarse sheets to a finer thread count. The new, finer sheets were introduced circa 1926 under the name of Sir Pepperell’s wife: Lady Pepperell.

“Meet Lady Pepperell,” read the tagline. “One of America’s royal family of sheets.”

Defining the Lady Pepperell brand during the almost 100 years it has been part of American households was a robust, decades-long advertising campaign.During the 1940s through the 1960s, now-vintage ads appeared in magazines like Ladies’ Home Journal, McCall’s, and Woman’s Day. Initially with illustrations, and later with photographs, the marketing efforts depicted glamorous imagery of the Lady Pepperell girl, as well as events in the U.S. at the time.

During war efforts, Pepperell Manufacturing Co. supplied the U.S. Armed Forces with sheets for military hospitals and curtain fabrications for combat troop equipment, initiatives that were also highlighted in the company’s Lady Pepperell ad campaign.

Pepperell Manufacturing Co. put a modern twist on sheeting with the introduction of Lady Pepperell. It’s this vintage style that inspired the brand’s floral sheets, comforters, and shower curtains. Renowned for their bright, bold prints, these products, as well as quilts and towels, put the modern twist on Lady Pepperell today.

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